VAMT 3.0 Adding licenses and manage host (part 2)

After the key is verified it will show up in the product keys overview.

VAMT Keys added

Now we have added the license keys we can install them to a host and activate the server, before we can do this we have to add the device to the VAMT console. This will be done by discovering the products. Right click on “Products” in the left pane and select “Discover products” because we didn’t created the Active Directory integration we have to select to “Manually enter name or IP address“, we will add the “VAM01

 VAMT add Computers

VAMT Servername

After the products are discovered we need to update the license status to view íf they are activated or there needs a key to be installed. To do this right click the device and select “Update license status” when you are using an account with the appropriate permissions select “Current credentials” when not select “Alternate credentials”, we will use current credentials because the account used is Domain Admin.

VAMT Update license info

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