May 1, 2013

XenDesktop Security permissions SQL server

 When you install XenDesktop and need to configure the Desktop Delivery Controller to create the Database then this might result in security errors. When the DDC needs to create the Database then set the security as shown below. First add the Desktop Delivery Controller as security login to the SQL server and give the server Sysadmin
April 23, 2013

Using VMWare with XenDesktop

When you are using VMWare ESX as Hypervisor you need to configure some setting on the Desktop Delivery Controller and on the VCenter server before you can add the VMWare vCenter host to the XenDesktop environment. First you need to create a user or a role where you can add multiple users in the vCenter
April 22, 2013

XenDesktop: Database could not be contacted

After installing Hotfix Update 4 for XenDesktop 5.6 I noticed errors in my eventviewer that the connection to the database was lost. I discovered the errors because I couldn’t create Desktop Groups, I keep getting the error: “Database could not be contacted“.    After some searching I found that the database needs to be updated because of
April 4, 2013

MDT Create Deployment Share and add OS Source Files (Part 2)

5. Specify the admin password. Now the task sequence will be created, after the creation is completed we need to edit the task. 6. edit the task and goto “Preinstall” –> “Apply Patches” and select “All Packages” now the updates will be added when deployingthe OS.   Now you know how to deploy Windows updates
March 25, 2013

Installing MDT 2012 Update 1 (Part 1)

2) Click next in the summary screen, now the wizard will check for any updates. 3) when the process is completed click Finish. When you now view the components you can see that Windows Automated Installation Kit (X64) is downloaded this is also required for MDT, select it and click install and follow the wizard,
March 19, 2013

Adobe Reader XI Customization Wizard

With RDS and XenApp you like to customize the Adobe Reader installation, which allows you to configure some settings and remove some features. This post describes how to customize Adobe Reader and also deploy the updates. Before you can start with the deploying Adobe Reader you need to download the following files: Customization Wizard; Adobe