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NetScaler: Customize logon screen

The customer also wanted to replace the ” Citrix Receiver” logo with their own logo, to do this we need to do the following:

  1. Change back to the bubble theme.
  2. Repeat the steps for changing the password. 
  3. Create a .PNG file with the following details:
    1. Name: logo_notagline.png
    2. Size: 215 x 51 (when you want it bigger you also need to change the ctxs.authentication.css which can be found in /var/netscaler/gui/vpn/css)
  4. Copy the file to:
  5. Run the following command to create a new customtheme.tar.gz file:
    cd /netscaler
    tar -cvzf /var/ns_gui_custom/customtheme.tar.gz ns_gui/*
  6. Change the theme to Custom
    1. logon to the GUI
    2. Expand the NetScaler Gateway.
    3. select Global settings.
    4. select change global settings.
    5. go to client experience
    6. change the theme to Custom.
    7. save the configuration and reboot.

Now the logo is the company logo and even when the server is rebooted the logo is copied and it keeps working.



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