MDT Create Deployment Share and add OS Source Files (Part 2)

Import Operating System

Now the deployment share is created, we start importing the Operating System. Follow the steps below to Import the OS.

1. Right click the “Operating system” within the Deployment share you just created and select “Import Operating System”.

IMport OS

2. Select the OS Type, because we start with a clean Windows OS we select “Full set of source files”.

OS type

3. Mount the ISO or insert the Windows server 2012 disk and specify the location where the wizard can find the OS files.


4. Now specify the name of the directory where the files will be copied to, I used the OS version as directory name.


5. after this start importing the OS files.


6. When the OS is imported it will look like this.


Import Updates

After the OS source files are imported, we also need to import the updates. This can be done using the Import packages within the Deployment share and select the folder where the packages are stored. I use a WSUS server where I let WSUS download all the updates for multiple Operating Systems.

When you don’t have a WSUS server you can manualy download the updates (which takes a lot of time).

After importng the updates we need to create a Task Sequence to deploy the OS.

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