Machine Creation Services

View if all servers are using the latest Disk Image MCS


When updating a machine Catalog in XenDesktop with a new Disk Image (MCS) and you reboot the machines you would like to know if all the machines use the latest dick images.

This only works when using Machine Creation Service


Use the following powershell command to see if there are machines using a older version of de image:

Add-PsSnapin Citrix.*
Get-BrokerMachine -ImageOutOfDate 1

Now you see all the machines that have a Out Of Date image. You can check the Machine name to see which machine it is and ImageOUtOfDate if it is True than it needs to update.


When you only need to see the MachineNames then use the following command:

Get-BrokerMachine -ImageOutOfDate 1 | select machineName

After a reboot you can use the following powershell command:

Get-BrokerMachine -MachineName “domain\MachineName” -ImageOutOfDate 1


Reset startcount adding machines



When you delete machines added through XenDesktop and want to add new machines with the same name this isn’t possible.


Use the following command to view the startcount of the current machines:

Add-PsSnapin Citrix.*
Get-AcctIdentityPool > c:\pools.txt

MCS StartCount

When you want to reset the Startcount to 1 (new machines will start with XA01 and so on) the use the following command:

New-AcctADAccount -IdentityPoolName “” -Count 1 -StartCount 1

When you now use: Get-AcctIdentityPool > c:\pools.txt then the StartCount is set to 1.