I have been busy

I have been busy the last couple of months, but not with my job or writing a new blog post. Maybe you noticed it. My previous blog post was from the sixteenth of December. December was a month in which I used to overthink my current position at ACA and a dream that I had had for a couple of years. I discussed this with my wife, and she gave me a choice: Go for it or stop talking about it. She was right. I had already talked about this for a couple of years. In 2019 I finally dared to prepare myself to follow my dream, but sadly, my dad had an accident and died from the consequences of this, so I put my plan in the fridge, but I kept thinking about it. After half a year, I felt it was time to follow my dream, but then Covid-19 came, and due to all the restrictions and work, I didn’t think about it.

Now all restrictions for Covid-19 have come to an end. It was time to follow my dream, and I finally decided to go with the plan. So as of the first of April (and no, that’s not an April fools joke), I will start as a Freelancer EUC Consultant.

Startup period

Besides my current job, I have done quite some work in the last couple of months: creating a website, updating my Linkedin, connecting with people, arranging my insurance, buying some hard- and software, and many other things.  

I’m thrilled with all the support I received from Family, Friends, Colleagues, My current Employer, community members, Partners, and my wife and children, and I would like to thank all of them.

Now I’m looking forward to the first of April and all the new things that will come, and I hope I finally have some time to write a new blog post. I will keep you posted.

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