Citrix Auto Support

When working with Citrix products you want to be sure your configuration is correct, or want to troubleshoot why you have a problem. Citrix developed the Citrix Auto Support formerly known as Citrix Tools as a Services (TaaS). You can can make a health check for XenServer, XenApp, XenDesktop and Netscaler and citrix will add other products later.

When you need to troubleshoot or perform a health check for XenApp or XenDesktop you need the Citrix Scout tool to create the log files. You have to enable WinRM before you can create the CDF trace of remote servers, look at :

When you need to troubleshoot your XenServer environment you need to create a Server Status Report using the XenCenter console.

After you created the reports you need to upload them to the Citrix Auto Support site (, you will need to have a MyCitrix account for this which you can create at the Citrix site.

The upload process is a peace of cake, just login to the Auto Support site


After you loged in you will see your Workspace, here you can see your latest uploads and there results, which you can move to the Archive when you don’t need them anymore.


When you like to upload the report just click on the Upload button, be aware that you will need Java for this, which you can download at the following location:


You can fill in the description for your health check or troubleshooting, when you have a ticket registered at Citrix you need to fill in the Case Number.


When it’s the first time you use the Auto Support site you need to allow the Java application to start, after this you receive a explorer and you can select the file you like to upload to Auto Support. After selecting the file this file is uploaded to the Aut Support desk, you need to have the site open during the upload process.

After the file is uploaded you will receive an e-mail that the file is uploaded and then the analyzer will start analyzing the site. After the analyzing is finished you will receive the second e-mail.

The results are only shown in the Workspace.


I hope this post will help you start using Citrix Auto Support, please leave comments.

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