Change vDisk from MAK to KMS

When using MAK on a provisioned vDisk with multiple versions and you need to change the activation to KMS, it’s important to first create a Merge of the version to a now Base image. This has to be done because you need to change the Microsoft Volume Licensing option within the vDisk properties and dis can only be done on al the versions and only when the vDisk isn’t locked.

Important: you need at least 25 Windows 7 clients or 5 Windows 2008 R2 host using KMS to get it work.

After creating a Merge base, copy the VHD and PVP file and rename them to a appropriate name, in this example the new name is “XenAppKMS”, after renaming import the vDisk into the Provisioning Services Console and add it to a test or maintenance device.

 Imported XenAppKMS



  1. Angelo says:

    Hello Sjoerd, great article.
    We have in us environment 3 Citrix servers and one PVS 5.6.
    We activated the servers over the PVS console and we use the MS MAK license.
    My problem that I don’t understate how good how I can update the disk and keep the activation, without to remove the disk?
    Do you any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your efforts

  2. Angelo says:

    Hello Sjoerd,
    My question/problem is, how can I update the disk without loss the MAK action on the servers?

  3. Angelo says:

    Hi Sjoerd,
    This works well, but my question is over the update, when I install a new application.
    What is the best praxis to prevent to lose the MAK Activation?
    How do you handle this?

    • Sjoerd van den Nieuwenhof says:

      Hi Angelo,
      I use a separate VM named XA-Main (for Maintenance) which is use to update the vDisk. When you don’t have this, you have to use a production machine to update the vdisk, but that will leave you with just 2 servers. When this is enough for the load it’s possible.

      • Angelo says:

        Hi Sjoerd,

        This is my problem, I don’t have a virtual separate server, I need to update the vDisk on the production server and there, how can I do this?

        I know that when I remove the actual vDisk, I will lose the MAK activation, on this Server.

        I have read the Citrix document CTX129105, but I’m still not sure which steps should be done if I update the vDisk on the same system without use another server.

        My actual procedure:

        Copy the original vDisk

        Rename the name from the vDisk

        Add to the copied vDisk to the DB

        Change vDisk versions numbers

        After them I don’t know with which steps I should go further??

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