Adobe Reader XI Customization Wizard

With RDS and XenApp you like to customize the Adobe Reader installation, which allows you to configure some settings and remove some features. This post describes how to customize Adobe Reader and also deploy the updates.

Before you can start with the deploying Adobe Reader you need to download the following files:

 After downloading all necessary files you need to extract the Adobe Reader XI installation, where you can use to deploy it later. The extraction can be done using the following command:

AdbeRdr11000_nl_NL.exe -nos_o”D:\Install\Adobe\Reader XI” -nos_ne  

Extracting Adobe Reader


Recently I tried to extract the files but the above command didn’t worked, after reading the Admin Guide I found that it’s also possible to use the following command:

AdbeRdr11000_nl_NL.exe -sfx_ne -sfx_o”D:\Install\Adobe\Reader XI”


Now install the Customization Wizard and add the package you just extracted.

Open Package

In the Next screen Accept the EULA.

Accept UELA

I selected that Reader is my default PDF viewer because we don’t use another one.

Installation Options

Create a HideItems.js file this file is used to hide and disable some menu items, add the following lines:


// [Help – Repair Adobe Reader Installation]

// [Help – Check for Updates]

// [Help – Purchase Adobe Acrobat]

// [Help – Digital Editions]
app.hideMenuItem(“eBook:Digital Edition Services”);

// [Help – Online Support]

// [Help – Online Support – Knowledge Base]

// [Help – Online Support – Adobe Support Programs]

// [Help – Online Support – Adobe User Community]

// [Help – Online Support – Accessibility Resource Center]

// [Help – Online Support – Generate System Report]

// [Help – Product Improvement Options]

// [File – Share Files Using SendNow Online]
app.hideMenuItem(“SPAObject 51”);

// [File – CreatePDF Online]
app.hideMenuItem(“SPAObject 47”);

 This file is based on an article which Aaron Parker wrote on his blog. After creating the file you need to add it to %ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\Javascripts.

Files and Folders

I enabled the “Prevent end user from configuring webmail profile”.


I disabled the product updates, purchase Adobe Acrobat, Digital Tokens and Product Improvement Program.


Now your finished using the Customization Wizard and can save the new package, this can be done by File, Save Package.

When you saved the package you can deploy the installation using the following command:

msiexec.exe -i “\\<path to install media>\AcroRead.msi” TRANSFORMS=AcroRead.mst

After you installed Adobe Reader XI you can apply the updates you also downloaded using the following command:

msiexec /update “\\<path to install media>\AdbeRdrUpd11001.msp” /qb /norestart  (11.00.01)
msiexec /update “\\<path to install media>\AdbeRdrSecUpd11002.msp” /qb /norestart (11.00.02)

 Now Adobe Reader XI is installed and up to date.


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