Active Directory-Based Activation

ADBA - Install (3)

In the next step Select Features screen click next.

Read the note in the Volume Activation Services screen and click next.

ADBA - Install (4)

In the confirm installation selection page, confirm the installation and click Install.

Now you installed the Active Directory-Based Activation service, in the next section we will configure ADBA.

Configuring Active Directory-Based Activation

To configure the Volume Activation Services, log-on on the server where you installed it on and open the Server Manager, open the Volume Activation Tools. On the Introduction screen click Next.

ADBA - Config (1)

On the Select Volume Activation Method screen select Active Directory-Based Activation and click Next.

ADBA - Config (2)

On the Manage Activation Objects enter the KMS Host Key, which can be found here: Optionally you can specify a name for the Active Director Activation object. Click Next when you are done.

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