April 18, 2024

Field Notes: remove common program groups, cause Notifications issue

During a recent project, we experienced some issues with notifications not working. Outlook was giving notifications. Still, the program isn’t Outlook, but Microsoft.Office.OUTLOOK.EXE.15. Looking at the Notifications & Actions settings, it shows “Microsoft Outlook” without an icon and is turned Off; turning it on isn’t possible. It switches back to Off. As shown in
April 18, 2024

Field notes: The Snipping Tool freezes when selecting options

During a recent project, I encountered an issue where the Snipping Tool would freeze upon clicking the options button. This occurred in a fully patched Windows Server 2022 environment (until KB5035857). After troubleshooting the machine, I found no leads to direct me toward a solution. I then checked all my Server 2022 machines, including
November 30, 2023

Using Azure Automation to Invite Entra ID B2B Users

In a previous article about using Entra ID B2B users, I needed to set up some user extensions. In that article, I also mentioned that many customers needed to access the environment, which meant that multiple users needed to be changed.As this is an ongoing business and we like to automate these kinds of
October 10, 2023

Using Entra ID B2B with Citrix Cloud

In a recent project, I designed an environment for a client who offers a published application to a substantial customer base. They expressed their desire to incorporate the use of Entra ID. I recommended the adoption of Entra ID B2B accounts for this purpose. Entra ID B2B accounts enable access to external partners for
October 5, 2023

Automating FAS Authorization Certificate renewal

As I deploy more and more Citrix FAS Servers for customers who intend to utilize Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD) as their Identity Provider (IdP), I have observed that the FAS Authorization Certificate requires periodic renewal. To ensure that expired certificates do not inconvenience my customers and to maintain a level of
October 4, 2023

Troubleshooting Citrix FAS Event ID 124 and 123

After a recent deployment of a new ADCS (Active Directory Certificate Services) and FAS (Federated Authentication Service) servers, it became evident that users were not receiving certificates. Interestingly, the existing production FAS servers, which were running older versions, continued to successfully request certificates. Upon reviewing the FAS documentation, it was revealed that certificates could
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